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Tool Joint
  • Adapter Tool Joint

    Adapter Tool Joint

    Cheap Price Adapter api drill pipe Tool Joint for dilll pipe Company Drill pipe tool joint, also known as drill pipe connectors, are made of 35 CrMo or 42CrMo carbon alloy steel.

  • Drill Pipe Tool Joint

    Drill Pipe Tool Joint

    The drill pipe joints are made of 35 CrMo or 42CrMo carbon steel. The joint of pipe will be upsetted and temperng treatment, and do the nitriding treatment on surface. in this way, thread gluing, breacking, and cracking are avoided effectively. the joint is more wire-resisting and easy to disassemble. All thread are machined by precision CNC lathe and shaping tools, It can not only guarantee the tightness of the drill pipe joint thread, but also guarantee the precision and interchangeability of the drill pipe joint. we also can produce drill pipe joints according to customer request.

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