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Drill Tools
  • Water Swivel

    Water Swivel

    The function of water swivel is to draw flushing to the running drilling rod.

  • Coring Barrel Tong

    Coring Barrel Tong

    The tool used to unscrew the drill pipe is called the drill pipe free clamp, and the tool used to unscrew the casing and core pipe is called the casing free clamp. Drills of different outer diameters have free jaws of different specifications.

  • Elevator


    The elevator is a tool for holding the drill pipe joint in the operation of the lifting drill to lift the drill.

  • Drive Rod

    Drive Rod

    Drive rod (hexagonal kelly rod) is a tool used to transfer the torque of drill rig to drill pipe to realize drilling. it is a very important part of drill machine.

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