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  • 100m Drill Rig

    100m Drill Rig

    XY-1 100m coring drilling rig is suitable for the applications of general exploration and investigation,geophysical prospecting, road and construction survey, blastholes and other drilling operations.

  • 200m Drill Rig

    200m Drill Rig

    GK-200 Core Drilling Rig Machine is suitable for drilling works such as water well drilling, general exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, blasting hole drilling and so on.

  • 300m Drill Rig

    300m Drill Rig

    XY-2 coring drill rig is mainly adapted to suit for engineering exploration, water well and foundation hole drilling, it can also be used in mineral exploration with diamond bit or tungsten tipped bit. this equipment is compact in structure, samll in size, light in weight anf convenient in transportation. It is with big spindle diameter which is very suitable for engineering construction.

  • Crawler Type Drill Rig

    Crawler Type Drill Rig

    In order to meet customer requirements, the small rig series can be installed on the rubber track walking mechanism. Because the rubber track has no damage to the ground, the rig is convenient to construct in the city. It is hydraulic operation method.

  • 1000 engineering drill rig coring rig

    1000 engineering drill rig coring rig

    XY-4 spindle type core drilling rig is a new drilling rig with high speed. It is invented to stratify the state-of-art development of the geological industry and the user's demand. It has been identified by authority in 1976 and won the national silver medal in 1988. XY-4 wireline drilling rig uses Deutz F4L 912 diesel engine or 30Kw electric motor. It has 8 rotary speed levels with the 1,588rpm at top and the 101rpm at the bottom. In virtue of its wide seed range, the drilling rig is suitable for various drilling for solid mineral deposits by means of diamond or tungsten-carbide tipped bit. XY-4 wireline drilling rig can be also applied to engineering geological subterranean water explorations as well as explorations of shallow oil and natural gas. What's more, it can be used to drill holes for ventilation and drainage of main gallery, too.

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