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  • Diamond Coring Drill Bit

    Diamond Coring Drill Bit

    Diamond core drills include hot-pressed bit and electroplated bit. Hot press diamond bit is suitable for hard, dense, weakly abrasive rock formations,it is stable performance, high drilling speed, good hole quality and long service life, suitable for various rock formations, widely used in geological deep hole prospecting. Electroplated diamond drill bit is suitable for geological and engineering research sampling of intact Sino-Western rock layers, such as: marble, limestone, basalt, gneiss, etc. The electroplated diamond formation has strong applicability, stable performance and complete core removal.

  • PDC Drill Bit

    PDC Drill Bit

    PDC drill bit Application: Geological exploration, coalfield mining, water well drilling and water conservancy and hydropower, etc. Applicable formation: f≤14 Standard Size: 75,94,113,133,153mm, other sizes available

  • PDC Coring Bit

    PDC Coring Bit

    PDC coring bit: Application: Sample drillings in geological and engineering research. Applicable formation: f≤11 Standard Size: 56,60,65,75,78,85,94,113,130mm;other sizes available

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